Getting the most out of this Website

We care deeply about enabling people from all walks of life to access the content on this site. As such we have taken a number of measures to help make it accessible. These measures include:

Resizable Text

We have not assigned an "absolute" size for the text on the site. This allows visitors to alter the font size on the screen which makes the site easier to read using their preferred browser or keyboard. Depending on the device and browser being used, the controls to increase or decrease the font size might be found in a “settings” or “tools” menu. If a mouse is being used, holding the CTRL (on a PC) or CMD key (on a Mac) and scrolling the mouse wheel will often increase or decrease the font size too.

Coding Standards

Although there is no definitive standard to use when coding a website we have tried to make sure our site meets the Priority 1 and 2 criteria of the W3C Double A standard. Any unmet criteria are not considered to be applicable to this website. The W3C is currently considered the leading authority on web standards and accessibility and we consider following its guidance, where appropriate and possible, a matter of best practice. Adhering to these standards makes our site accessible to those browsers that also publish website code according to these standards, and makes our web pages more accessible to those using screen readers and similar devices.

Typically, meeting these criteria ensures that:

  • Images have associated "ALT" tags (i.e. text alternatives that describe the content of the image) so that visitors know what the image is meant to convey should it not load, or if the visitor has chosen to browse with images switched off (or browsing with a screen reader or similar browser that does not display images);
  • Text contrasts sufficiently with the background colour for ease of reading;
  • The site was also built with reference to the guidance set out in the Equality Act 2010 Code of Practice which is designed to limit or eliminate discrimination:

Consistent Navigation

We have kept the navigation consistent throughout the site. All the top level pages and sections are available from every single page on the site. You can also view the sitemap for an alphabetical list of all the key static pages on the site, but dynamically generated content is not included e.g. individual blog articles or frequently changing events.

Other consistent navigational aids include the sitemap, large/obvious page headings, a side menu, and the pull-down navigation menu. If you have any comments about the navigation on the site please contact our Webmaster via the contact page. We have tried to make it as easy as possible, but always welcome any feedback from our website visitors.

Browsers and Operating Systems

This website has been designed to work with a number of popular browsers and devices ranging from desktop PCs to mobile phones and tablets. Browsers this site has been tested in include:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari  

It may also work adequately with a number of legacy browsers and operating systems and devices although it may not display perfectly (support for BlackBerrys is also limited).

Screen Settings

This web site's pages are designed to scale and respond to browser windows of approximately 340 pixels or wider. As such, no horizontal scrolling should be necessary. Below that width some content may not display as intended or desired.


This site makes use of Adobe® PDF files. These are usually opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader, but that does not necessarily make them accessible to all users, browsers or devices. A solution to this is offered by Adobe at their PDF conversion page. The URL (exact location) of a PDF file will appear in the web browser when it is selected. If that URL is copied and submitted at the PDF conversion page, it will be converted to HTML and in that form it should then be accessible.

Printing Web Pages

Visitors can print any page of the website by using the “Print” dialogue box within their browser settings. Additionally, visitors using a mouse, may right-click and choose “print” from the menu options.

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