We shall never forget

Posted on 11 November 2016


Lola Year 5 Pupil West Raynham Church of England Primary Academy Unity Federation

World War One

Sadness swept through the town,

Men went to the town hall

All squishing and squashing

Ready to enlist

Familys gathered in the harbour

Waving the men good bye

Then a deathly silence

The war had begun

Men hustling,bustling

Running to the front of the ship

Gasping as France comes into sight

A misty shape in the starry night

Men shiver as the ship comes near

The war is here.

Men leave footprints in the sloppy mud

Exhausted from carrying the bags

Over many days they dig a trench

The rats leave a ghastly stench

Then the first gun sound

Calling them to fight

Guns and bombs are all they hear

The war is here

Boom boom sounds the gun

People screaming and crying

Overhead the planes are flying

Like geese in the countryside

Look over the trench and you see men dying

The war is here

After many months of fighting and dying

The war is over men say sighing

Men return to their homes

Familys greeting them happily

With a bit of luck

Like a four leaf clover

There will be no more wars

The war is over

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