Commitment to each Academy

Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.

- William B. Sprague

We will:

  • Establish clear Trust and governance arrangements. Experience shows that successful schools have a clearly articulated vision. Creating this vision with each Academy will be a prime leadership role for the Trust.
  • Create, within the financial envelope available, imaginative organisational arrangements ensuring that the organisation of the school, its staffing and curriculum are geared to achieving the standards required.
  • Establish effective local governing bodies capable of holding the school to account and knowing how to bring about improvement. The Trust will draw on experience gained in the Norwich Diocesan Board of Education and in the LAs with which it works as well as links with existing local academies and academy sponsor organisations. A key function of the Trust will be the identification, recruitment and training of new governors with the ability to challenge their school to the highest possible achievement.
  • Support each school in the development of its Christian ethos and character with advice and training drawn from the Norwich Diocesan Board of Education and neighbouring Dioceses. A key source of support will be the frameworks drawn up by the National Society, against which all Church of England schools are inspected.
  • Carry out a detailed audit in each Academy of needs and community resources to help the school access the support it needs from a broad range of expertise.
  • Provide access to expert financial and HR support through the Diocese of Norwich. The recruitment and development of staff is an area of expertise the Trust will draw down from the Norwich DBE where its well-established and long-standing relationship with a large number of schools will be a real asset.
  • Play an active role in the running of the Academy through involvement in its governance, challenging the governing body and school leaders, and ensuring that stake-holders are effectively involved.
  • Ensure the transparent and effective use of public funds and ensure that each Academy uses the resources available to the very best effect. We acknowledge our key responsibilities for the efficient use of public funds.
Diocese of Norwich Education and Academies Trust. Company no: 8737435.