Values & Principles

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.

- Albert Einstein

We believe that we can be a successful provider of schools because of our principles, our expertise and our determination. Our approach is driven by the following:

  • We believe in the affirmation of individual worth. Every child is valued through their successes, reaching high standards and maximising their progress.
  • We believe in nurturing hope and aspiration. All our schools will have a culture of high expectation where low aspiration and excuses are erased. The Trust will not shirk from taking difficult decisions to tackle issues of leadership and management that may prevent the organisation from delivering a first-class educational experience for all.
  • We believe in service to others. The Trust Board must demonstrate high expectations and desire to improve and serve our communities effectively, making sure our skills and expertise are shared with our schools.
  • We believe in an holistic education. The highest standards of support for literacy and numeracy should be complemented by excellent arts and sports provision, and that all learning should take place in the context of understanding the human relationship with the world.
  • We believe in the importance of excellent leadership and role models. None of this happens if we don’t recruit and retain and develop leaders at all levels in our schools. It is through effective recruitment of both school principals and governors that the Trust can have the most direct influence on the performance of the school.
  • We believe in the development of mutual trust. Schools work best when they are given the maximum autonomy, but the Trust needs to challenge and support its school leaders to take greatest advantage of that autonomy within the framework of an aspirational set of targets and expectations.
  • We believe in collaboration. We don’t maximise our success by travelling alone. We need to develop effective partnerships and make use of the best talents available, wherever we may find them.
  • We believe in commitment and endurance. We need to plan for the long term. As a Trust we need to ensure that each academy has a clear strategic plan and a context of sound financial management.

How our values drive our actions

We believe that our values, our experience and our practice provide a sound basis for us to be a very effective Trust sponsoring and supporting our Academies. We believe we can be the catalyst for significant improvement in all our schools.

  • We are committed to the provision of high quality education. We believe that working within a Christian context - rooted in Gospel values such as service, thankfulness and humility - we can help young people become fulfilled, self-motivated, independent, responsible and caring members of society. We want all our young people to aim for excellence in all that they do.
  • We believe that if each person feels valued as an individual who has an important contribution to make they, in turn, will learn to value others leading to stronger communities and a healthier society. In creating this sense of being valued, we are committed to every child making the progress they are capable of and reaching the highest possible standards in their learning. It is through excellence in their learning, and by maximising the sense of progress made, that young people value their education and are valued in turn by others.
  • We are an ambitious team. All of our Academies should become good or outstanding within two academic years of us starting to work with them. The goal is to enable the development of a self-improving family of schools who have the ambition, capacity and capability to work together to achieve excellence for all, both in terms of their inspection performance and their distinctiveness as schools committed to and living out their Christian ethos.
  • The creation of such a system demands that each school exists as a confident and autonomous organisation. They should be secure in their own performance and mission, but also play a full part as both a contributor and a receiver of support and challenge from peers and colleagues in other schools.
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