Being a Teacher in one of our Academies

Without the engagement of the learner, improvement doesn't stand a chance. This means real expertise from teachers and support staff alike, and excellence in teaching.

To achieve this, all teachers are expected to access top-quality professional development, to be up-to-date and constantly sharing their expertise. Students need excellent teaching to help them feel fully engaged; they also need time to develop, space to experiment and the resources and tools to enable them to progress.

As a teacher in one of our academies:

  • You will be valued and will work in a safe environment.
  • You will operate in an environment of developmental performance management.
  • Your career path will be carefully explored with you and opportunities provided, where practicable, both within your school and across the Trust.
  • You will get clear and constructive feedback about your work.
  • You will work in an environment where staff work professionally and exhibit the values and attitudes set out by the Trust.
  • You will operate within a clear pay and conditions policy.
  • Your success will be celebrated.
  • You will be clear about what excellent teaching is and how you can improve and reach this standard.
  • You will be well supported by good resources, expert leaders and high-quality support staff.

“Teachers affect eternity. Nobody knows where their influence ends." (Henry Adams)

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