Improvement Services

We are in the business of supporting schools to become and remain excellent.

We will only develop our own services where there is a clear need and we can't find excellent providers to work in partnership with us and our schools. We see our role as ensuring an honest and critical brokerage of services, to examine with schools the opportunities for joint-purchasing where that gives greater purchasing power and helping the Governing Body of each Academy to make purchasing decisions that provide the best value for money for the Academy and the family of schools as a whole.

A leader knows what’s best to do; a manager knows merely how best to do it.

- Ken Adelman

Supporting curriculum and staff development

We will work with our strategic partners to support curriculum and staff development and to ensure a sharp focus on raising achievement, school improvement and excellence against our Quality Standards.

We have made a commitment to work closely with The Teaching Schools Alliance in Norfolk and with the services of the Local Authority to ensure that our schools are good and effective. We have made a similar commitment to working with Edison Learning to identify, plan and, where appropriate, deliver programmes of improvement.The engagement of these partners will be negotiated with individual governing bodies.

Decisions about the appropriate support at any given time will be based on the needs of the school, the resources available, the needs of the family of schools, the benefits of joint-purchasing across academies and contracts agreed through the Trust.

Core Services for our academies

We have worked in partnership with our academies to develop a package of core central services for our academies grouped under the following headlines:

  • Academy Improvement
  • Finance and Business Support
  • Governance, HR and Policy Support
  • Other (including branding and communications)

We have brokered a number of services and contracts that academies have the option to use and as well as mandatory services such as health and safety, with value for money and quality of provision as our priority.

Schools within DNEAT will enjoy the benefits of:

  • A dedicated Academies Executive Regional Principal (AGEP's) who will support and challenge the Senior Leadership team within each academy to drive up standards and ensure every pupil receives the best possible educational start in life.
  • Diocesan School Support Officers (DSSO), as schools in the Diocese do already, for pastoral support, affirmation and on-the-spot advice from professional colleagues of wide experience and high calibre.
  • Restorative Approaches – each school in DNEAT will be expected to put in place (or enhance, if already in place) trained facilitators for programmes and the practice of restorative approaches.
  • Religious Education Quality Mark (REQM) – each school will receive training and development for the REQM to either its bronze, silver or gold standard (depending upon from where a school starts and its current provision). The REQM offers general school improvement delivered through specific aspects of Religious Education.
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