Our Values & Aims

We are collectively working to provide the best we can for the children, young people and communities we serve.

We make no apologies for having high ambition for all, and we truly value the wider educational experience.

We walk and talk our Christian values.

The Christian vision and values that shape our culture and practice
Our passion and ambition is to see children in all our schools achieve excellent educational outcomes alongside developing and growing into their potential as individuals made in the image of God. Our culture is one of high aspiration rooted in our Christian values as demonstrated in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. This shapes our ethos and culture whereby all working or volunteering within our academy trust should ‘walk and talk’ our Christian vision and values. A desire to see all truly flourish and to be inclusive organisations, welcoming those of all faiths and none, is at the heart of our approach.

Our Trust vision is based upon Proverbs 24: 3 – 24: 4 (ESV); By wisdom a house is built; and by understanding it is established: By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. We try to live all Christian values but have selected kindness, courage, community and wisdom as the key ones for our Trust. These are our guiding stars on our journey.

That means we put people at the centre of the organisation and want to see them flourish and grow. Our schools are inclusive, welcoming those of all faiths and none.

  • We believe in the affirmation of individual worth
  • We believe in nurturing hope and aspiration
  • We believe in service to others
  • We believe in a holistic education
  • We believe in the importance of excellent leadership and role models
  • We believe in the development of mutual trust
  • We believe in collaboration
  • We believe in commitment and endurance

Making an impact

The DNEAT approach works.

We can quantify this in the improvements to Ofsted ratings and SIAMS inspections; in the league tables and results achieved by children and young people at our academies; through the wellbeing of our staff as they grow and develop; the effectiveness of our governance – at trust level and local governing board level – and the life chances of the children and young people who complete their education in a safe, nurturing environment that equips them for life in 21st century Britain.

[September 2017 – 53% schools good or better; April 2020 – 84% schools good or better]

Ofsted’s 2018 focused review of DNEAT schools said:

  • Together you have established strong central leadership and a culture of collaborative learning. While this approach gives school leaders appropriate autonomy, it is structured within well-considered and rigorously applied monitoring and review systems.
  • Within a landscape of national and local challenges in teacher recruitment, retention and supply, you have entrenched a mantra of ‘growing your own’ teaching teams. Vacant posts are offered not just as jobs, but as career opportunities.
  • The central business team provides very effective business support for schools. While judicious use of resources offers value for money and economies of scale, cost savings are well grounded in senior leaders’ commitment to improving life chances for all DNEAT pupils.
  • Within the family of trust schools, each provider’s unique characteristics are valued and encouraged. Working together, there is a clear sense of direction, at all levels.