Model Policies

DNEAT’s policies and model policies for academies.

The procedure for Trust Core policies is that the Board’s Committees review and approve the draft policies at their meetings each term in line with an annual schedule of policy review. Most policies are reviewed every three years. As soon as the Trustees have approved a policy it should be applied in all of the Trust’s academies and therefore will be communicated to the academies at the earliest opportunity so that it can be applied if the need arises.

The Governance office will advise when new policies are approved and uploaded to the website and an editable version of the policy will be sent direct to the Academy office for use. Once the Local Governing Body (LGB) has noted and adopted the policy at an LGB meeting, the Academy office should update the policy with the Academy name where indicated and the date the policy was adopted. No other changes should be made to the Trust Core policies. A PDF version of the policy should then be uploaded to the Academy’s website when applicable (see below).

Not all policies need to be displayed on Academy websites, they just need to be available for staff to use and refer to and to provide to parents if requested. However there are some that are required to be included on Academy websites by the DfE and some that are required by the Trust. Altogether the policies that need to be included on the Academy websites are:

  1. Safeguarding (Trust)
  2. Data Protection with privacy notices for parents (Trust)
  3. Health and Safety (Trust)
  4. E Safety and Acceptable Use of ICT (Trust)
  5. Administration of Medicines (Trust)
  6. Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions (Trust)
  7. Behaviour (Academy)
  8. Careers Information & Guidance (Academy (Secondary Academies only))
  9. Charging and Remissions (Trust)
  10. Complaints Policy/Procedure (Trust)
  11. Equality and Diversity (Trust)
  12. Staff Whistleblowing (Trust)

It is left to the discretion of the Headteacher whether other policies are displayed on the Academy website.

If staff or Governors have any comments or suggestions for improvement, then please feed these through to so that they can be considered by the Trust Board. This will usually be when the policy undergoes the next formal review but may be sooner in appropriate circumstances.

Trust Core PolicyStatutoryDate ApprovedFrequency of Review
00 COVID-19 Amendments Index (DNEAT)12 May 2020As needed
HR01 Policy and Procedures for Dealing with the Capability of All StaffFebruary 20193 Years
HR02 Staff Appraisal PolicyJuly 20193 Years
HR03 Whole School Pay PolicyMarch 2020Annual
HR04 Disciplinary Procedures for All EmployeesMay 20183 Years
HR04a Staff Grievance ProcedureDecember 20183 Years
HR05 Statement of Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against StaffFebruary 20193 Years
HR06 Staff Induction PolicyJanuary 20173 Years
HR07 Discretionary Leave of Absence PolicySeptember 20183 Years
HR08 Continuous Professional Development PolicyDecember 20183 Years
HR09 Staff Well-Being PolicyMay 20183 Years
HR10 Recruitment and Selection PolicyDecember 20173 Years
HR11 All Staff Probation ProcedureMarch 20203 Years
HR12 Code of Conduct for All AdultsMarch 20203 Years
HR13 Staff Whistle-blowing PolicyFebruary 20193 Years
HR14 Management of Sickness AbsenceDecember 20183 Years
HR15 Flexible WorkingJanuary 20173 Years
HR17 Ex Offenders StatementDecember 20183 Years
HR18 Staff Bullying and Harassment PolicyOctober 20183 Years
HR19 Lone Worker PolicyFebruary 20193 Years
HR21 Quality of Teaching and Learning – Monitoring and Evaluation PolicyMarch 20193 Years
HR22 Maternity and Maternity Support Leave PolicyJune 20173 Years
HR23 Adoption PolicyJune 20173 Years
HR24 Employee Expenses PolicyOctober 20183 Years
NS04 Collective Worship PolicyJune 20193 Years
NS06 E-Safety and ICT Acceptable Use PolicyMarch 2020Annual
NS11 Letting PolicyMay 20193 Years
NS14 Trustwide Pupil Anti-Bullying PolicyNovember 20193 Years
NS16 RE PolicyJune 20183 Years
NS18 Trustwide Cleaning PolicyFebruary 20193 Years
NS20 SMSC Development PolicyApril 20173 Years
NS21 Weapons and Knives PolicySeptember 20173 Years
NS22 Policy and Procedures for the Reappointment of Trustees and GovernorsJuly 20183 Years
S01 Charging and Remissions PolicyDecember 20173 Years
S03 Relationships and Sex Education PolicyApril 20173 Years
S04 SEND PolicyNovember 20193 Years
S05 Data Protection and FoI PolicyAugust 20193 Years
S05a Data Retention PolicyMay 20193 Years
S06 Trustwide Health and Safety PolicyNovember 2019Annual
S07a Pupil Admissions Policy – NorfolkFebruary 2019Annual
S07b Primary Pupil Admissions Policy – SuffolkFebruary 2019Annual
S08 Accessibility PlanDecember 20153 Years
S09 Complaints ProcedureMarch 20193 Years
S11 Trustee and Governor ExpensesDecember 20193 Years
S13a Equality and Diversity Policy for EmployeesJuly 20173 Years
S13b Equality and Diversity Policy and ProceduresJuly 20173 Years
S14 Trustwide Safeguarding PolicySeptember 2019Annual
S14a Trustwide Preventing Extremism and RadicalisationAugust 20193 Years
S16 Trustwide Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions PolicyNovember 20193 Years
S17 Finance PolicyOctober 2019Annual
S19 Trust Administration of Medicines PolicyNovember 2019Annual
S20 Risk Management PolicyMarch 20203 Years
S21 Intimate Care PolicyMarch 20203 Years
S22 Financial Probity PolicyMarch 20173 Years