Amy Greenwood - first Academy Business Manager to complete a management qualification and apprenticeship through Steadfast Training

April 29, 2022

Amy Greenwood has become the first Academy Business Manager to complete a management qualification and apprenticeship qualifying through Steadfast Training, based at Whitefriars Church of England Academy in King’s Lynn.

Case Study  

  “I started my Level 3 Team Leader apprenticeship in January 2018 through Steadfast Training.  Sharon Money suggested it as part of my CPD and progression into my business manager role.

During my apprenticeship I had to complete a portfolio on my chosen units, submitting monthly assignments. My chosen units were communication, principles of management and leadership, managing people, project management, operational planning and conflict management.

Towards the end of my course, I completed a knowledge test and a competency-based interview, which I manged to pass and achieved a distinction. This was an 18-month apprenticeship which was quite detailed.  It involved Caroline my mentor from Steadfast Training and I meeting once a month to complete theory work and observations.

I spent probably 2-3 hours a week completing reading, research and essay writing. Although I had a young family and one on the way, I was able to juggle the course alongside my work and home life. My headteacher was very accommodating and allowed me to have time with Caroline in school, as well as paid time to complete my assignments.

The highlight for me were working with Caroline Featherstone. She was amazing and really coached me through my course and my first 18 months of working as a Business Manager. I also enjoyed learning about the different theories on how to be a good leader, in particular Maslow’s theory, which concentrates on the psychological needs of employees. I believe my apprenticeship has shaped who I am as a line manager.

I recommend the course to anyone!”