Children's Mental Health Week

February 9, 2022

We know all of our schools have been focusing on our children’s mental health and wellbeing support.  Here Churchside Federation has highlighted what they have been doing during Children’s Mental Health Week from 7th February to 11th February.

Mrs Hannah Keeler, Year 2 Teacher at Mundford Church of England Primary Academy said: “Supporting children’s mental health is an area we feel very passionate about in our Federation and we try to include weekly activities to support the children throughout the year. We do this via our Wellbeing Wednesday worships, where we equip the children with the skills and strategies they need to help themselves and others with positive mental health. Each class also has a worry box, which the children can access constantly and is monitored by the adults in the room so any particular concerns can be dealt with on the day.”

She added: “This week we are spending more time focussing on activities that the children can take part in to help them identify adults that will support them both in and outside of school, and pastimes they can participate in to help deal with their worries and big feelings. Everyday our worship this week is linked to supporting children to find positive mental health, be it through song or meditations, drawing or talking. We will also be taking part in the “Dress to express” day on Friday where all the children and adults can come to school in their own clothes and express their likes and feelings to others.”


Mental Health