Community planting for Queen’s Green Canopy

March 23, 2023

Hockering Church of England Primary Academy, part of the Diocese of Norwich Education and Academies Trust (DNEAT), has been given two small-leaved lime (tilea cordata) saplings by the Trustees of Hockering Wood as their contribution to The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative.

At the official presentation and planting of the new trees, which took place on March 20th 2023, were staff and pupils from Hockering Church of England Primary Academy, Rev Matthew Hutton DL, a Trustee owner of Hockering Wood, Michael Ryder of Oakbank Game & Conservation Ltd, forestry advisers, Jonty Blackwell, Chair of Hockering Parish Council and Oliver Burwood, CEO of Diocese of Norwich Education Academies Trust.  Also in attendance was Alexandra Hutton, designer of the Hockering Wood website.

The trees were planted on to the left of the entrance gate just within the school boundary.

Michael Ryder, manager of Hockering Wood, has given the school guidance for the care of the saplings.

Rev Matthew Hutton said: “The Trustees are keen to develop their relationship with the village of Hockering, specifically through the Parish Council.  And so, within the Queen’s Green Canopy Project, presentations were made on Monday 20th March of some small-leaved lime trees for which the Wood is famous.  We have donated two trees to Hockering Church of England Primary Academy and 12 other trees to (variously) the Parish Council,  the Parish Church and the Football Club in Hockering.”

Georgina Mace, executive deputy head of Hockering Church of England Primary Academy, part of DNEAT said: “As a school we are always keen to continue to strengthen our relationships with the local community and we are very grateful for the opportunity to engage with this historic woodland on our doorstep.”

Emily Swan, who is the Natural England responsible officer for the SSSI Woodland said: “I am really pleased to be able to support this brilliant initiative between the Trustees of Hockering Wood, the local school and the community.  As a Site of Special Scientific Interest Hockering Wood is a unique example of small-leaved lime woodland and now a small part of which will grow on in the community too.  I hope that these new links with the next generation will inspire them about the natural world on their doorstep and beyond.”

Jonty Blackwell, Chair of Hockering Parish Council said: “Hockering thanks the Hutton Family for their cooperation in allowing the public into Hockering Wood. It is a lovely historic wood and it’s wonderful that we have this resource so close at hand.  We also thank them for the kind donation of 14 trees for the village and were delighted to see the first two go into the ground on Monday 20th March.”