St Peter and St Pauls CofE Primary Academy (Carbrooke) raises over £500 for Ukrainian Families Affected by the War

October 19, 2022

The idea of two pupils within St Peter and St Paul CofE Primary Academy (Carbrooke) to organise a run to fundraise money to support those affected by the conflict in the Ukraine.

‘Me and my sister were having a squabble, then our mum said to us (in appropriate detail) about what was happening in the Ukraine. We thought about how we could help, and thought that raising some money would be a good start. After some thought, we decided that a sponsored walk/jog/run would be appropriate.’

We spoke with the Carbrooke Headteacher and she said to make a plan and she would help make the plan a reality. From Monday 25th April every child had the opportunity to take part in the event three times each day for the week.

In the morning, the children could take part in the usual daily mile on the playground (before school).
At breaktime those wanting to could participate again, but around the school field.
The third opportunity was at lunchtime where children went to our local village green, and could again push themselves.

Each opportunity was 15 minutes long, and it was accessible to all pupils of every age (2-11yrs). Families have been very supportive. Most children competed in at least one event, with some taking part in all 15! At present, sponsorship money has exceeded £500.

We have some Ukranian families who have arrived in Breckland – in particular, a couple staying with a member of the school staff. To hear that they arrived with nothing was heart breaking, as well as their journey, challenges faced and those they left behind.

‘Remember, just because you are little, doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference.’ (Written by Amerlie Steward, aged 11).