The Trust will actively promote and encourage leadership which recognises that people are at the heart of a school's success and that school leadership can be exercised by all members of the school community. School leaders who are confident, creative, innovative and understand how to manage change are the foundation for developing consistently outstanding schools.

There will be a strong commitment to leadership that establishes high expectations of pupil attainment; and leadership that understands that school improvement and development is fundamentally about establishing high-quality teaching and learning for the school community. There will be no place for complacency; and, through rigorous monitoring and evaluation, the focus will clearly be on continuous and ongoing improvement.

There will be opportunities for leaders at all levels to reflect on the impact of their work and to consider how their potential can be developed and nurtured both for themselves and for the wider school community. Because the Trust is based on Christian values, leadership development will highlight the importance of creating effective teams that have a collective commitment to a clearly articulated and ambitious vision for the future success of the school. Through skilful and confident leadership, linked to the ability to ask the right questions and to see new possibilities, the stronger and more successful each school within the Trust will become.

Being one of our valued Principals/Headteachers

  • You are the key. You unlock the expertise of your staff, improve teaching and enable governors to fulfil their role.
  • Children will be at the heart of your vision. You will want to give them the best start in their life, and work collaboratively and confidently with their parents to maximise their life chances.
  • You will need to feel at ease with our values and approach. You will be autonomous but in a strongly collaborative environment.
  • You will have a clear vision about outstanding teaching and learning, and know how to achieve it.
  • You will be committed to Continuing Professional Development and will be an excellent role model.
  • You will be prepared to share expertise and learning with other schools.
  • We will have very high expectations of you but you will also be well supported.

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