Coronavirus Scams

April 15, 2020

Be #ScamAware with Norfolk County Council’s Trading Standards top tips:

Don’t be rushed

Don’t assume everyone is genuine

Check unexpected contacts with someone you trust

Use traders that have the Norfolk Trusted Trader mark

Never click on links/open attachments in email/text

NEVER deal with unexpected cold callers

For more information including how to report a scam please go to:

Alongside the work of the police the Norfolk County Council Trading Standards team are continuing to fight scammers and are urging people to sign up to scam alerts to find out about the latest scams hitting the county. To sign up visit:

Friends against Scams e-learning course:

Following the genuine government text message ” CORONAVIRUS ALERT’ ” scammers have begun to send bogus text messages. Stay alert and report scams to 0808 223 1133 (Norfolk Constabulary)

Scam alert: Telephone cold calls claiming to be from ‘Public Health England’

There are reports of a new scam where individuals have received calls where the caller claimed to be from Public Health England. The caller asked ‘if you’ve received your letter from the Government’ before attempting to find out what support the call recipient is receiving from family and friends along with other personal details. Our advice is always be very wary of claims made during a telephone cold call and never give or confirm any personal details or agree to someone visiting your home if approached in this manner.


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